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Peer Steinbrück und Germany Person-Info 

( Ich bin Peer Steinbrück)
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BlinkX Video: Peer Steinbruck: German growth concerns

July 7th: Peer Steinbrück, German finance minister, admits inflation and the credit crisis have hit Germany. He tells Martin Wolf, FT senior economics commentator, that recent... - 06.07.2008, FT

BlinkX Video: Switzerland may find itself on the off-shore black list

Germany’s Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück proposed adding Switzerland to the off-shore zones black list. His discontent with Berne is rooted in the lack of cooperation in... - 22.10.2008, Submission

BlinkX Video: People and Politics | Emergency Manager - Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück and the Banking Crisis

These days Germany's finance minister Steinbrück has been rushing from one crisis meeting to another as the worldwide financial meltdown hits Europe - and Germany. A dramatic... - 05.10.2008, YouTube